Who would have guessed that when I set out to design the GITA OMRI spring 20 collection entitled RESILIENCE we would end up needing lots of it. It seems crazy that we are approaching spring isolated and cooped up in our homes. This pandemic that is sweeping the world has forced us to take a breath, slow down, and evaluate what is really important. (And I’m not just talking about toilet paper.)

With the medical, economic, and personal crises threatening the world today fashion is probably the last thing on people’s minds. I can say for myself I have spent the last week in my sweatpants.

I have been flooded with marketing emails boasting unprecedented sales and shopping opportunities from all sorts of brands and companies and as a consumer I have been quite disgusted. Shopping is the farthest thing from my mind. I’m worried about my newborn son. I’m worried about my family abroad and here in the US. I’m worried about my neighbor who is pregnant and might have to bring her daughter into the world with this disease still unchecked and alone due to the hospital restricting partners in the delivery room.

Yet as a business owner and designer I understand the push these companies are making to try and stay afloat.

GITA OMRI is a small designer brand. We have worked tirelessly and ferociously to build the company we are today. We have built a community that champions inclusion.

Just as we are finally gaining some traction, the world gets turned inside out. Yet, we know that with the support of our community and customers we will survive this virus!

No matter what GITA OMRI looks like at the end of this difficult period of uncertainty, we will be just as committed to promoting body positivity, size inclusion, and self-acceptance. We will continue to post uplifting and inspiring content to provide a distraction from all the doom and gloom in the media.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy our Spring20 collection,

Love Gita

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There is no standardized sizing in the US.

Knowing your measurements is crucial to ensure you purchase the right size.

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GITA OMRI is a brand determined to bring together old world elegance with new world values.

To those outside the fashion community the word Fashion is often synonymous with vanity.

Our mission at GITA OMRI is to reintroduce fashion as a tool to enhance ones confidence and self esteem.

Our clothes are designed to help women present themselves to the world in their true form with pride, acceptance

and authenticity.