New 2018 collection now live


Rather than attempt to keep up with the fast paced, wasteful, fashion calendar by creating a new collection each season, Gita Omri will show one theme for the year and will seasonally add new styles. 

Made in NY

Today 97% of garments sold in the US are produced abroad. Gita Omri is 100% made in NY

Clean Fibers

Gita Omri is committed to sourcing the most environmentally responsible materials available. As a small brand that can become challenging being faced with huge order minimums. One way Gita Omri manages to balance out is by striving for minimal waste. Fabric Cutoffs and materials are recycled into other products and purposes.

Repair & Recycle

With fast fashion culture it has become acceptable to discard clothing as if they are disposable. Gita Omri stands behind the quality of its products and will provide free repairs to garments. Gita Omri will also take back used or warn garments in exchange for store credit based on the state of returned item. These items will either be donated to a foundation providing women with clothing or recycled.


Luxury Fashion is definitely an investment! Don’t let the fear of fluctuating stop you from being fabulous. If a piece from our Omri Essentials collection no longer fits we will replace it for free within a year of purchase.