New 2018 collection now live

Gita Omri Brown


Gita Omri Brown (Gita Omri) is a rising star in the fashion world and a young designer on an important mission to bring body positivity mainstream.  She is taking her uplifting ideals to market by launching two new collections with a wide-range of sizes. Her goal is to bring fashion into an era of inclusiveness through high-quality designs made available for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Omri is the creative director of two fashion forward concepts – Omri Essentials, a perennial line of high-quality, modern Sportswear for women of all sizes, compiled of every woman's closet essentials. This collection is designed with functionality and fit in mind, and is intended to be mixed and matched with Gita Omri, a seasonal conceptual collection of luxury women’s wear.

Omri is no stranger to fashion.  She made a splash onto the scene in 2012 as a student designer at the Art Institute in New York when she was selected for a show at Mercedes-Benz (New York) Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  There, she previewed an unforgettable Moto-themed line of women’s wear (celebrated as the most marketable collection of the show), blending the strength and speed of Motocross with the softness of women’s silhouettes. 

Omri’s early success at New York Fashion Week positioned her for more high-profile opportunities, including studying at the prestigious fashion design program at Central Saint Martins in London. She also received invitations to participate in additional shows around the world, including Kenya Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week.  Now, Omri is settled in New York launching two new lines that reflect her body positivity values and dedication to high-quality, eco-friendly craftsmanship.



Gita Omri's Fashion Philosophy

 To support her body positivity values, Omri is also incorporating removable size tags into all of her garments to encourage women to stop measuring beauty by size and start focusing on their true source of beauty – their individuality, confidence, and unique sense of style.  Each garment includes her “You Are Beautiful” mantra, which also appears in Omri’s social media and ad campaigns to reinforce her uplifting values.

Omri is also committed to minimizing her company’s environmental impact by sourcing sustainable materials and striving for minimal waste by creating an in-house recycling system (launching in 2018) in partnership with customers.  A lover of all living creatures, Omri is devoted to reducing animal cruelty within the fashion industry and has made a pledge not to use any animal products (no leather, fur, skins, or feathers) unless they are certified recycled.